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11-14 March / WTC, Mexico City, Mexico



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National scenario

Natural gas for vehicles is the most efficient, clean and sustainable fuel since it matches significant environmental advantages, through the reduction of emissions of both CO 2 and pollutants and less noise pollution.

Cars began running on natural gas in Mexico more than 10 years ago. Several entities of the Republic launched programs promoted by the Secretariat of the Environment (Sedema), in which both vehicles from public transport, freight and private use were converted to CNG in order to transit to cities with a better quality of the air.

Thanks to these programs, today Mexico has more than 10,000 vehicles that operate with CNG (45% of taxis, 15% of passenger transport, and 40% of freight transport).

These last two years represented a considerable increase in gasoline prices as part of the Energy Reform, which is why users are eager for alternatives in terms of automotive energy. One of them is to change the car, which works for some with more economic possibilities, however there is the option of converting the vehicles to natural gas or continue to drift using gasoline and contributing to the increase of greenhouse gases.


The use of natural gas provides a series of benefits with an economic and environmental impact. If we see it in economic terms, converting 4-cylinders vehicle to CNG represents a saving of between 5,000 and 6,000 pesos per month for a user of high consumption, such as a taxi, without counting the increase in the performance of the vehicle. When comparing its price with gasoline and diesel, there is a difference of up to 50%.

In addition, the use of this clean fuel causes a positive environmental impact, since in Mexico City vehicles running on CNG can obtain "0" verification hologram, which exempts them from the “Hoy No Circula” Program and, in this way, they comply with the norms established by the Secretariat of the Environment of the Federal District.

In turn, according to estimates of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), using natural gas allows carbon dioxide emissions to be reduced by 25% compared to gasoline, a figure that rises to 35% if compared with the use of diesel. Other pollutants that are reduced with the use of CNG are nitrogen oxide (NOx) with a 35% reduction, and carbon monoxide (one of the most toxic pollutants released by internal combustion vehicles) whose emissions are lowered to 95%.

In summary, natural gas vehicles offer a wide range of benefits, not only because this energy helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also because it reduces the use of highly polluting fuels, it provides us with a better quality of life and preserves the environment for our future generations.

11-14 March 2019

All these advances in the industry of natural gas and other alternative fuels that help strengthen sustainable mobility in the country will be addressed at AltFuels Mexico 2019, taking place at the World Trade Center in Mexico City.

AltFuels Mexico 2019 features first level conferences and exhibition, led by national and international experts and companies, who will share their experiences and knowledge with visitors and exhibit the latest in clean energy technologies.

The event is organized by AltFuels Communications Group, a publishing company and event organizer with extensive experience in the natural gas sector worldwide, which publishes the newsletter, various specialized digital magazines and specific events: from AltFuels Mexico 2018 up to 4 biennial events of NGV Global, 6 of NGVA Europe, 3 of NGV Italy and several more in different Latin American countries.

AltFuels Communications Group was dedicated from the beginning to the industry and the development of natural gas for transportation and expanded, in recent years, to the entire alternative fuels market.

The industry

During the last edition of AltFuels Mexico, the Mexican Association of NGV, CNG, LNG and Biogas (AMGNV) was officially launched. The AMGNV, which provides support to AltFuels Mexico 2019, is made up of more than 80 Mexican and foreign companies from the entire gas value and vehicle manufacturing chain.

The objective of the AMGNV is to gather all the businesses of this great booming ecosystem, support them by promoting public policies, fair operating rules, while offering security to investors and benefits to end users, such as public and private carriers and the industry.

This entity expects an imminent and exponential growth of the sector in the coming years, due to the global policies of energy transition that will allow multi-fuel service at filling stations, the increase in the offering of vehicles powered by alternative fuels, as well as the reserves of shale gas in Mexico.

The AMGNV will also promote the opening of 3,000 natural gas stations during the next 10 years in the country, which will represent an investment of nearly three billion dollars.

“At present there are about 30 CNG stations, but there is an equal figure underway so we expect to close the year doubling the current scenario. As long as we double the number of stations, the growth is exponential because there is a service network,” explained Andrés Bayona Insignares, president of the organization.

The venue

The World Trade Center (formerly known as Hotel de Mexico) is a skyscraper located in Colonia Nápoles, in Mexico City, which features a convention center, a cultural center, parking, and its most famous and distinctive feature: the large tower with the largest revolving restaurant in the world. The International Exhibition and Convention Center annually receives 2.5 million people in more than 80 exhibitions.

AltFuels Mexico 2018

These are some of the figures of
AltFuels Mexico 2018:

Cifras AltFuels México 2018

  • Duración : 3 días
  • Participantes: + 3600
  • Expositores: +150
  • Área de exhibición: 8000 m2
  • Motor zone: +500 m2
  • Ponencias: +90
  • Asistentes conferencias: +400
  • Volumen de negocios: 8500000 de dólares

Cifras expositores

  • Satisfacción con el evento: 94%
  • Cumplimiento de objetivos: 96%
  • Satisfacción cantidad de visitantes: 85%
  • Satisfacción calidad de visitantes: 100%

Cifras visitantes

  • Satisfacción con el evento: 100%
  • Satisfacción calidad de expositores: 100%
  • Visitará la próxima edición: 96%
  • Participa en decisión de compra: 95.7%

AltFuels Mexico 2019 raffles a CNG vehicle

As it happened last year, AltFuels Mexico 2019 will once again give as a prize to one of the event’s visitors a 0km car powered by natural gas, with the collaboration and support of its sponsors.

In this case, a 2019 Nissan CNG Urvan will be raffled. The 4-cylinder van was converted to natural gas with Vikars technology, features TKF tanks, and is equipped with seats for public transport service.

All visitors are allowed to participate, including exhibitors and speakers, as well as everybody over 18 attending the conferences and exhibition. The validity of the draw is from 11 to 13 March 2019.

The raffle will be held during the closing ceremony of the exhibition at the World Trade Center of Mexico City, on Wednesday 13 March (5pm), and the person who wins will have to be present at the venue to receive the prize.

The organizations and companies that sponsor the draw are: Corporativo Graz & Grass, Consorcio Graz Kubika, Concept, TK-Fujikin (manufacturer of the CNG storage tanks), VIKARS (manufacturer of the converters) and Hamitech.