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While the natural gas industry has been in Mexico for 15 years, the NGV sector is now experiencing a significant boost and momentum, and aims to fully exploit the operation of this business to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of using this fuel in the country, allowing savings of up to 50% in operating costs and reducing CO2 emissions by 30%, compared to conventional fuels such as diesel and gasoline.

The development of the NGV market at the local level is exponential and this is evidenced mainly by the growth in natural gas refueling stations that, during the last three years, have increased 100% with projections of a constant expansion in time. Since the beginning of 2015, national and foreign investors have turned their attention to this sector. By 2020, the Secretary of Energy (Sener) estimates that three million NGVs will circulate in Mexico.

This extremely favorable scenario and this continuously growing market, where business can be successfully done and completed today and tomorrow, will once again host an event dedicated to the alternative fuels industry: AltFuels Mexico 2018.


AltFuels Mexico 2018 will be held on 23-26 April at the Convention Center of the World Trade Center in Mexico City and is organized by GNV Latin America – Altfuels Communications Group, with the official support of the Mexican Association of Natural Gas (AMGN).

It will feature a congress and an exhibition, in a must-attend event for all industry players interested in the market of NGV, LNG, CNG, biogas /biomethane, dual-fuel, electricity and hydrogen, and that includes the following applications : cars, pick-ups, buses, heavy transport, urban transport, boats, trains, mining, extraction, shale gas and power generation.

The event is an exceptional opportunity to learn more about the progress of different alternative fuels and provides a window for new sustainable technologies in the transport sector. In addition, it has free conferences open to the specialized public and led by experts from around the world.

In turn, Altfuels Mexico 2018 offers an unbeatable meeting point between supply and demand for the alternative fuels industry, since all the sectors -OEMs, equipment producers and fuel suppliers- will ensure the success of the event and of the potential businesses that can be realized there. Once again, the most important automakers in the region will present and exhibit their novelties, as well as leading suppliers of components, equipment and gas.


The Mexican Natural Gas Association (AMGN) asserts that the use of natural gas in transportation could reduce environmental pollution by up to 70%. This fuel does not emit solid particles during its combustion and diminishes the emission of carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen, reason why it is environmentally friendly and contributes to the well-being of the great population centers.

Since vehicles are one of the main sources of pollution in urban areas, promoting the use of natural gas as an efficient alternative to the use of traditional fuels represents an important opportunity for transporters, companies, governments and citizens, thus counteracting the main cause of environmental pollution.

With regard to the economic advantage, CNG offers savings of more than 50% compared to Magna gasoline and more than 25% compared to LPG. For example, a taxi converted to natural would generate annual savings of more than 40,000 Mexican pesos (about US$ 2,300). Moreover, the public transport buses market already offers vehicles with CNG technology from factory, which are environmentally friendly but also emit less noise and provide greater comfort to passengers due to its modern design.


There are several Mexican states, including Querétaro, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Nuevo León, Mexico, Sonora, Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Estado de México and CDMX, which already have fleets providing public transportation service (both buses and taxis) with natural gas vehicles or refueling infrastructure offering this fuel.

Protecting air quality is a priority for many governments, state and municipal, who are looking for solutions that reduce the emission of pollutants and improve the environment of the population.

Currently, the country has more than 20 natural gas stations and about 8,500 vehicles that operate with this fuel.


The World Trade Center (formerly known as Hotel de Mexico) is a skyscraper located in south-central Mexico City, which includes a convention center, cultural center, parking facilities and its most famous and distinctive feature is the large tower with the world’s largest revolving restaurant. The International Convention & Exhibition Center receives annually 2.5 million people in more than 80 exhibitions.


Exhibition Area 5.000m2
Visitors 3.150
Presentations 52
Exhibitors 132
Turnover during the days of the event + u$s 6,000,000

Satisfaction with Expo 92%
Goal Achievement 95%
Satisfaction with Number of Visitors 80%
Satisfaction with Visitor Quality 98%

Satisfaction with Expo 98%
Satisfaction with Exhibitor Quality 100%
Visitors attending Next Edition 91%
Visitors participating in Purchase Decision 92%

2018 Projections
Exhibition Area 8,000m2
Visitors 5,500
Exhibitors 170
Turnover during the days of the event: + u$s 11,000,000

AltFuels Mexico 2018

April 23-26

World Trade Center’s Convention Center, Mexico City
Filadelfia St, 1st floor, Col. Napoles, Del. Benito Juárez, Mexico City (03810)

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